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The use space advantage of OA network floor over general floor

With the continuous innovation of modern flooring industry, more and more companies have invested more efforts in the selection of flooring types. In order to effectively solve the problem of building floor cables, OA network floor came into being. It has the advantages of simple wiring and simple ground plug-in installation, which brings great convenience to more office buildings and banking industry. Compared with the general anti-static ventilation floor, OA network floor greatly improves the problem of unable to build network cables in performance, and provides an excellent development prospect for the work.

At present, the demand for generic cabling in office buildings is becoming more and more strict, and many intelligent office network floors have received greater attention. As a new product, OA network floor has a good position in the market. It can be integrated and optimized with various office floors, bringing benefits to the network connection and the overall laying effect. In terms of the scope of use, OA network floor has been widely used in office buildings, teaching buildings and computer rooms, providing a suitable environment for office locations.

On the other hand, OA network floor adopts all steel structure, which can withstand great pressure. During the handling of OA network floor, violent collision and extrusion shall be avoided to avoid damage to the network floor. The structure composition of porcelain ventilation floor is similar to that of anti-static floor, but there is no foaming filler. The ventilation system is composed of circular ventilation holes. At the same time, it also has light quality in quality, which can bring convenience for installation and laying. Compared with the general floor, it has the advantages of outlet mold forming, and can give better play to the wiring effect and ground socket installation characteristics. This is also an important aspect that OA network floor is superior to other products. It provides great convenience for insurance, industry and commerce, customs and other companies with dimensional accuracy (degree) and repeated performance of utilization rate.


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